Heater Fan

Product Issues

1. What should I do if the product does not work?

(1) Maybe some wrong operation was taken. Please check the manual to find the issue.

(2) Maybe there is a problem with the household circuit breaker or fuse. Check them for safety.

(3) Please check if there are obstacles in the intake and exhaust ports. If yes, see the instructions for resetting the heater, as the overheat protection system may have been activated. If the heater still does not work, turn the power control switch to the "0" position and disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet, Contact Us for further help.

(4) The control switch fails. Please Contact Us for component exchange or product fixes.

Warranty Questions

1. How long is the limited warranty? And what can I get?

One year. And you can ask for product help or component support.

2. Why should I extend the warranty?

You can get one more year warranty for free. And in that year, if you got any component issues, you can get the substitute with free delivery. (Click to extend warranty)