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The POWER indicator is not on after being plugged in

Socket failure. Please insert the plug into a powered outlet

Power cable fault. Please contact our customer

The fan is not working

The main control board is in poor contact. Please contact our customer

Ice shovel does not turn over normally after starting

The micro switch is broken. Please contact our customer

The "ADD WATER" indicator is on when there is water in the tank

Program error. Please re-plug your ice maker

The water level is too low for the pump to carry water successfully. Please add water to MAX mark

The water pump is blocked. Please follow the instruction of REGULAR MAINTENANCE

The water pump is broken. Please contact our customer

The water sensor is broken. It can be replaced, please contact our customer

The “ICE FULL” indicator is on when there’s no ice in the basket

Program error. Please re-plug your ice maker

The detection sensor is blocked by ice or other matters. Please remove the obstruction

The detection sensor is broken. Please contact our customer

The ice sticks together

The water temperature is too low. The recommended water temperature range is 40℉-90℉

No ice produced with normal ice making process

Refrigerant is leaked. Please contact our customer

Refrigerant cooling system is blocked. Please contact our customer

The ambient temperature is too high. The recommended room temperature range is 50℉-105℉

Other problems

We're sorry for not helping you in time. Please share you problems via We will reply you as soon as we hear your concerns.

 how to clean my ice maker?

You can use clean towel to wipe the exterior and interior of the ice maker. Because there may be scale accumulation in the internal water pipe, we recommend the use of citric acid solution for cleaning the internal water pipe of the machine. You can add a certain amount of water and citric acid to the sink and mix it, then long press the “ON/OFF” button for 5s to turn on the self-cleaning function. Please rest assured, the citric acid solution is not harmful to the human body, and you only need to drain the wastewater and repeat the above procedures with drinking water once or twice.

how often should I clean my ice maker?

The expected frequency of cleaning ice maker depends on how often you use it. We recommend you to clean it once a week at least. But if you don’t use the ice maker regularly, please wipe remaining water after you clean it for avoiding mildew inside of the machine.

Why is my ice defective(less ice or thin ice)?

The refrigeration circuit of the ice machine needs to run three to four times every first time to get into perfect working condition. Therefore, the phenomenon of less ice or thin ice may occurs in the first four rounds. Please don't worry, this is normal. If the situation persists after this, please contact us and Antarctic Star will be responsible for the defective product.

Why does my ice taste terrible?

If you use tap water to make ice, The taste of ice may be affected by the hardness of the water. So we highly recommend you to use drinking water or mineral water to make ice to improve the taste. If you still have this problem, please contact 223-4467172/661-4358826 to let us guard your usage experience.

Why isn't my ice transparent?

The transparency of the ice is affected by the quality of the water. If your ice is cloudy, it may be because the water you are using is too hard. Using water that is too hard to make ice can affect the transparency of the ice, the life of the machine, and even your health. Antarctic Star therefore recommend that you use better water whenever possible.

Why does my ice melt so fast?

The ice maker is not a refrigerator, so the ice cannot be stored in the basket for a long period. We recommend you to use the produced ice as soon as possible to enjoy the best taste of it.

Why is it that I store ice in the freezer and it freezes into a big block?

Because the ice is melting, there is water on the surface when you put it in the freezer. The water on the surface of the ice in the refrigerator condenses and sticks the ice together. This is normal.

Other problems

We're sorry for not helping you in time. Please share you problems via We will reply you as soon as we hear your concerns.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept credit card, cheque, bank or wire transfers as forms of payment. Please note that we pass on bank charges for wire transfer fees which will be added to your invoice ($15). This is in addition to the standard $20 handling fee.  

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover card.

What currency are your prices listed in?

All prices are quoted in USD unless you are located in Canada, where prices are listed in CAD, the currency will automatically change from USD to CAD.

What are your payment terms?

Our terms of payment are net 30 days, unless otherwise specified. Pre-payment may be required prior for shipping to certain locations.

What is your refund policy?

We guarantee that at the time of shipment that your product is free from defects in materials and workmanship, and that it will meet the specific requirements detailed on the lot-specific datasheet provided with the product. Should you have a technical issue with a product, please contact our technical support services.

Can I return the product?

All returns must have prior authorization from EcomSolid, and are subject to a 25% restocking fee on the items plus any shipping & handling charges. Products must be shipped back to us within 7 working days of receipt of the items. Return condition must be the same or equivalent to EcomSolid original packaging.

I ordered the wrong product. What should I do?

We will consider taking the product back, subject to a 25% restocking fee on the items plus any shipping & handling charges. The customer is responsible for shipping charges to and from us for both the returned product and the new replacement product.

My product was damaged upon arrival. What should I do?

Malfunction and/or breakage/damage resulting from any external factors after delivery of product is covered under our terms of warranty. Please notify us within 24 hours of receiving the goods. After this period or if the product was not stored as directed on the datasheet, we are unable to honor a warranty claim.

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