Beverage Refrigerator

Product Issues

1. What should I do if the product does not stay frozen?

(1) If you just received the product, please stay for 2 hours and try again. If it still can't keep it frozen, please contact us.

(2) If the product is completely stopped, and there is no power supply, no light, your product may be in a compressor protection state. Please check the power supply, re-power it, and wait 3 minutes to see if the product is working properly. If it still doesn't work, please contact us.

2. What should I do if the product leak the water?

(1) Please do not take the items in refrigerator frequently or close the door as soon as possible every time you take wine.

(2) Check whether the sealing strip of the door is completely fitted with the door frame, and deal with it. If it is not suitable, please use the door seal.

Warranty Questions

1.How long is the limited warranty? And what can I get?

One year. And you can ask for product help or component support.

2.Why should I extend the warranty?

You can get one more year warranty for free. And in that year, if you got any component issues, you can get the substitute with free delivery. (Click to extend warranty)