Many reasons to loves electric fireplaces

You can easily number the many reasons why one loves electric fireplaces, but some of the most important ones could be the fact that some of them can give you the effect of “burning wood”, just imagine a cold winter at home but feeling warm and having that beautiful effect to make the experience even better, on the other hand not everybody has the room to have a real fireplace, with this fireplace stove that’s not a problem since it is designed to fit every home.

Electric Fireplace Stove

You also have the security that with an electric fireplace there is no risk of having accidents so you can enjoy the warmth of a real fireplace without worrying about anything plus it doesn’t produce any smoke so your house won´t have any burnt smell.

Now, imagine being able to set up the flame, that’s right with this electric fireplace you can set up the flame of the stove making it fit the mood and occasion as you please, you have 5 brightness levels to choose from and all of them are beautifully realistic.

The next reason why having an electric fireplace is better than having a real one is this, there is no need to wait to get the room warmed up! Yes, just imagine how tedious it would be to light up the logs and wait for them to heat the place, no way. And the fact of having to get or buy the logs, nobody has the time to go get them, with this awesome electric stove you just have to click the remote control, and it is on.


Now let us talk about safety, these electric stoves have an auto shut-off system to prevent accidents, once it gets too hot it will turn off automatically so there is no need to worry about accidentally leaving it on but we recommend always being sure and verifying that you have turned it off before leaving the room where you have your electric fireplace installed.

As we said before not everyone has the space to have a real fireplace outlet and that’s where these awesome electric fireplaces come in handy since you can mount them almost anywhere or just leave them free in any room, plus their installation is not difficult at all and their design fits almost every home decoration turning them into the best choice to heat your winter and give your family a warm home to go to.

Among other things to think about when you are comparing the benefits of having an electric fireplace set up at your home and a real one is the fact of how easy to use the electric one is, just think about how hard it could be to make the logs burn before they start heating the place and the smoke they produce, on the other hand, this modern home décor can be easily operated in two different ways, through the remote controller or by touching the screen, yes, this electric stove has a touch screen to make it more user-friendly fashionable and convenient.

Electric Fireplace

The fact of being eco-friendly is a good point too, many might be asking themselves how an electric fireplace can be eco-friendly. Here is the reason, to light up your chimney you need logs, logs are made of wood, and you can only get wood from trees so just do the math, deforestation is a big problem nowadays, and is there a good reason to take down trees when you have a more viable solution? These electric fireplaces don´t consume a lot of energy so your electricity bill won´t go sky high and you are taking care of the planet indirectly, is there any other reason to get a Kismile fireplace outlet?

There are other options one might say, the gas-operated fireplaces could be one but think about it, you are going to need a gas conduct installation, ventilation outlets, and many other things that are not worth to be mentioned, just imagine your house being “remodeled” just to install a fireplace for the winter when you can easily get an electric one and as we said before you don´t need to be a professional to install it plus it is more economic since you don´t have to pay someone to come to your house to install it or damage your walls just to get your house warm in the winter.

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Kismile is a company that has the vision of letting everyone enjoy a warm winter with economic but beautiful electric fireplaces that are within the reach of everyone’s wallet, we want to make sure that your house is the warmest and safest place in the world and to go to and that while you get warm, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the fire without the hideous smell of the smoke, just sit, turn it on and enjoy!