How To Hide Water Cooler In Kitchen?

Water coolers are essential household and office appliances because they provide clean and cold water. They allow you to stay hydrated. Water coolers are not convenience appliances but health investments. However, some water cooler designs and water tanks can mess up the décor of your kitchen. In this article, we will give you tips on hiding a water cooler in the kitchen to eliminate imperfections.

Why Hide a Water Cooler in the Kitchen?

A water cooler comes with many benefits for your home or office. However, it does not have to be seen. Here are some major reasons you might need to hide a water cooler in the kitchen.

Water Cooler

1. Aesthetic Reasons

Water coolers can be an eyesore and clash with kitchen décor. The water tank on your water cooler contributes to the most décor mess. 

There are various water cooler dispenser designs on the market, so you can choose a design that matches your other kitchen appliances. 

However, the blue plastic water tank ruins it all. If you cannot unsee the water tank and it gives you sleepless nights, it is time to hide it.

2. Space-Saving

Water coolers can take up valuable space in a small kitchen. Suppose there is not enough space on your kitchen countertop. Placing the water cooler inside an open cabinet or in the furthest corner is saves you space.

3. Safety Concerns

Water coolers can pose a tripping hazard for small children and pets. It is therefore advisable to place it away to prevent the risk of tripping on the cables. Additionally, hiding it reduces the chances of the appliance being bumped on and damaged.

Creative Ways to Hide a Water Cooler in the Kitchen

There are different ways to hide your water cooler so that you enjoy cool water without messing with your kitchen décor and keeping your space safe. Here are a few suggestions for concealing a water cooler in the kitchen.

1. Use A Decorative Screen Or Room Divider

Room dividers allow you to section a space into different zones. They are used to achieve functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. 

Water Cooler

You can, therefore, use a room divider to create a water cooler space in your kitchen. However, you must have ample kitchen space to hide your water cooler using a decorative screen.

2. Build A Custom Cabinet Or Enclosure

You can custom-make one of your kitchen cabinets for your water dispenser. The cabinet should be large enough to fit the water cooler and have an electrical outlet. 

If your cabinets have shelves, you can remove some shelves for the water cooler to fit. You might also have to remove the door to allow easy access. If you are not comfortable doing these works, hire a professional to get the job done.

3. Repurpose an Existing Piece of Furniture or Shelving Unit

You can place the water cooler in a wooden furniture or shelving unit you never use. For instance, you can set the water cooler inside an upside-down table you no longer use. You can be more creative by placing a décor piece on top of the water cooler.

4. Utilize a Decorative Fabric Cover or Skirt

The easiest way to conceal your water cooler is by covering it with a pretty fabric. There are water cooler covers on the market. However, they come in limited colors and designs. 

Water Cooler

Suppose you cannot find a ready-made design that matches your kitchen décor and style. Choose a fabric and have it sewn to fit your home.

DIY Projects to Hide a Water Cooler in the Kitchen

If you love DIY, consider the following DIY projects to hide a water cooler in the kitchen:

1. How To Build A Custom Cabinet Or Enclosure

If you have a large kitchen cabinet where the water dispenser can fit, follow the steps below to make it your water cooler space.

  • Measure the cabinet's width, length, and height to ensure that the water cooler will fit.
  • Make sure that you can have an electricity supply to the cabinet. This could be from a nearby power outlet.
  • Clear the cabinet. Free up cabinets that do not hold kitchen essentials to avoid inconveniences.
  • Remove the cabinet door to allow for easy access and free air circulation.
  • Remove some shelves for the water cooler to fit perfectly. Cut out the shelves using vertical cut blades for minimal damage.
  • Paint the cabinet as desired. Remember to putty the cut marks.
  • Hire a qualified electrician to address the electrical power issues. They can take power from a nearby outlet into the cabinet. The electrical supply is necessary because the water cooler should be plugged for ice-making.
  • The custom cabinet is now done. Plug your water cooler inside, and enjoy cool water from a hidden source.

2. How to Repurpose a Shelving Unit Or Furniture Piece

You can repurpose a table to hold your water dispenser by following the following simple steps:

Water Cooler

  • Identify a table in good condition that you no longer use. Check to ensure that the water cooler fits.
  • Turn the table upside down
  • Place the water cooler inside
  • Cover the water tank using a storage basket to beautify the space.

3. How to Create a Fabric Cover or Skirt

A fabric cover is among the easiest ways to cover the water tank on dispensers. Here are steps on how to create a fabric cover.

  • Choose a fabric that matches your home and style
  • Measure the size of the water tank
  • Check for dispenser cover designs online to use as inspiration
  • Check sewing tutorial videos online to help you create
  • Sew the fabric and use the cover to enclose the bottle

Warm Up

Water from a water cooler taste better, allowing you to stay hydrated and healthy. Having the cooler hidden away is nice because it does not get in the way of the kitchen décor. Visit kismile, Try one of the creative ways discussed above to conceal your water cooler. If any of our methods work for your space, please comment below.