Household ice makers, based on our tests.

Hey, it seems like you're looking to add some icy fun to your life! Whether it's a busy commercial space or a cozy home environment, a suitable ice maker can become your reliable assistant. Whether you crave a chilled beverage or need to provide refreshing ice for your family, these ice makers can easily meet your needs. From high-end dual-use ice makers for home and commercial purposes to portable car models for Coca-Cola, and even some mini styles, there's a diverse selection with various functions, surely one will capture your heart. With their powerful instant ice-making capabilities, these ice makers ensure you stay cool all summer long.


  1. As our latest improved household ice maker, it surpasses previous products in both ice-making capacity and speed. It boasts stable ice-making effects and durability with a body resistant to falls, automatic cleaning mode to keep the machine clean and tidy , in order to ensure its long-term lifespan. Ice can be produced in 6-8 minutes, which allows you to quickly experience the refreshing sensation.

  1. With a 24-hour appointment ice-making function, you can pre-make ice in advance, achieving a free ice mode. Say goodbye to manual cleaning and upgrade to self-cleaning mode. With just one button being pressed, the self-cleaning mode will frees your hands, cleaning the internal pipes and reducing scale buildup automatically. A powerful cleaning will complete in 20 minutes without the need for supervision. Quick and efficient ice-making in 6-8 minutes, weighing only 22 lbs. It's compact and space-saving, with an innovative handle design for easy portability, make it suitable for outdoor camping. With a portable power source, it can run steadily without interruption, with an instant start power of 110W. Produces 8 pieces of 0.6KG ice at once. Manual water addition of 2.4L at a time. Ice cube types are adjustable, with simple operation. Chewable ice is suitable for drinks like milk tea and fruit tea, while solid ice is suitable for cocktails and whiskey. One-touch automatic cleaning frees your hands, with drainage at the bottom after cleaning.


  1. As one of the best-selling models of our household ice maker, this product focuses on technological innovation, with an intelligent control system that is easy to operate and highly praised by users. Ice is produced in just 6-9 minutes, with a machine running noise of only 38 decibels, equivalent to someone whispering in your ear, so you don’t need to worry about noise interference. The machine adopts a thickened insulation layer to effectively isolate external heat, making it very suitable for household use.


  1. This ice maker has an ice-making cycle time of 6-13 minutes, allowing you to immediately enjoy a cool summer. With a super-large ice storage space, endless cool drinks are available, and a 1.1L large water tank meets daily consumption needs. The compressor operates with rapid cooling and low noise, using a preferred brand compressor with a more efficient refrigerant to accelerate ice-making speed while saving energy and reducing noise. Durable with four layers of safety protection, including multiple safety protection programs such as water shortage and full ice shutdown protection, ensure peace of mind during using it. One-touch control operation with light prompts, intelligent control panel responds to light touches, user-friendly design makes ice-making more enjoyable.


  1. This product is truly a lifesaver for small families. With functions for cold water, hot water, and ice making all in one, its fully automatic functionality makes ice making exceptionally easy. Furthermore, the user-friendly design of the water addition method, along with the lighting device, makes it suitable for use in offices or dormitories. The intelligent operating system ensures convenience of use, plug-and-play, simple operation, and with a safety lock design, even inexperienced users can safely and easily operate it. Details determine quality, with a thickened insulation cover, a small body with a large water storage tank to increase capacity, meeting the ice needs of households with ease. The cooling system ensures that the machine's performance is not affected by prolonged use at high temperatures, ensuring that customers enjoy the best consumption experience.