Choose a Portable Ice Maker to Replace the Refrigerator to Make Ice Cubes

As the most powerful weapon to improve happiness in summer, the need for ice makers, whether for household use or commercial use, continues to expand. Therefore, many friends will be mixed up and rush to choose one randomly, which always turns out to spend more money on unusable or inappropriate ice makers!




When it comes to ice making indoor, the first thing most people think of is a refrigerator, but compared to an ice maker, the most obvious disadvantage of a refrigerator is that it is inefficient and prone to odors.


ice maker


Some people say that ice makers are not as good as refrigerators. Then just see the differences between the ice maker and the refrigerator are as follows:

-Ice-making speed (refrigerator is too slow)

-The difference in the shape of the ice produced (the ice maker can produce a variety of shapes of ice)

-Cleanliness and odors (fridge smells bad and isn't clean)

-Coldness (ice from the refrigerator melts quickly)

-Color (the ice made by the ice maker is transparent and crystal clear)

-Price (a home ice maker definitely saves money than a built-in ice maker in the fridge)


best countertop ice makers


If you look closely, you will find that the ice maker is for professional ice making. The ice from the refrigerator is too slow and unsanitary.